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Fuel Up: Foods to Maximize Your Workout

  As busy college students, it seems hard enough to squeeze in time at the Wooden Center. That’s why it’s good to make sure you’re consuming the fuel you need, before and after your workout, to make sure you’re getting the maximum benefits from your physical activity. College schedules are weird, and sometimes you have […]

The Carb Taboo

With summer approaching, diets and weight-loss guides are beginning to peak in popularity yet again. As people are becoming more concerned with their “swimsuit bodies”, they are also starting to become more concerned with what’s on their plate, often focusing on eliminating one macronutrient in particular: carbohydrates. What are carbohydrates? Carbohydrates (or carbs) are macronutrients […]

The De Neve Flex Bar: Shifting from Animal-based to Plant-based Protein

The De Neve Flex Bar is at the forefront of the UCLA Dining Services’ new initiative of moving from animal to plant-based proteins. The triangle-shaped Flex Bar at De Neve Dining commons opened at the beginning of UCLA’s academic winter quarter in 2017 and its popularity has continuously grown. Peter Angelis, Assistant Vice Chancellor of […]

Roy Choi Serves Up LocoL at UCLA – and Tells Us How to Eat Well on a Student Budget

By: Hannah Malan, PhD Student, Community Health Sciences, UCLA; Graduate Student Researcher, UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative EatWell Pod Chef Roy Choi describes his delicious and trailblazing Kogi tacos as “LA on a plate.” Growing up as a Korean American “immigrant kid” in Los Angeles, Roy says he embraced his mother’s relentless “gangster” spirit, ultimately establishing himself as […]

The Brain and Your Bacterial Microbiome

Ever hear the saying “you are what you eat”? Well that’s actually true, to an extent. The food we put into our bodies can significantly affect how our brain operates. There’s been an explosion of new studies that are looking at how the millions of bacteria or microbial changes in our stomachs are affecting our […]

Answers to your Food Week questions on food, health, and climate

In fall, the UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative hosted a Food Day panel discussion with three experts to help us better understand the environmental footprint of our food—our “foodprint.” We followed up with the panelists to answer some outstanding questions from our audience. Meet the experts: Dr. Jennifer (Jenny) Jay, PhD – Professor, UCLA Institute of […]

Global Food Initiative Student Fellowship Blog Series: School Gardens Grow Healthy Students

By Meghan O-Connell What degree/program are you pursuing at UCLA? I’m a second year graduate student pursuing my Master’s in Public Health. I study nutrition and food systems because I think the food we eat is integral to our health and well-being. What is the Global Food Initiative Fellowship? The UC Global Food Initiative (GFI) […]

Global Food Initiative launches online toolkit to improve school food

The University of California’s Global Food Initiative (GFI) has launched a free online toolkit aimed at providing anyone working with preK-12 schools with resources to help improve school food, nutrition education, and sustainability. In 2014, over 17% of children and adolescents nationwide were obese. The National School Lunch Program provides over 30 million lunches per […]