UCLA offers a wide variety of non-academic programs and activities to promote healthy living and to feed your hunger for information about food. If you find something to add to this list, please share it with us at

Accessing Free Food and Financial Assistance

veggies on a table

UCLA and HCI are working hard to reduce food insecurity on campus by helping students connect to resources around accessing food, financial security, and supportive community.

  • Food accessibility resources
  • Financial programs and assistance
  • Donating food

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Engage in Food Education at UCLA

Students prepare a meal at the teaching kitchen.

Learn, teach, and exchange knowledge surrounding food, our campus, and our world in the following ways at UCLA.

  • Hands-on learning and academic opportunities
  • Campus events
  • Food, sustainability, and planetary health
  • Food and social justice
  • Resources and media

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Eating Healthy and Nutrition Resources at UCLA

Red apples

HCI and UCLA Dining are committed to bringing nutritious food and beverage offerings to everyone who visits, works, lives, and learns on our campus.

  • Dining on the Hill and on-campus offerings
  • Initiatives and nutritional guides

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Grow Food and Garden with Community

students gardening

Teaching our campus community to grow their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs is a key strategy for engaging in discussions about sustainable and local food sources. Our numerous campus gardens offer students, staff, and faculty unique ways to engage hands on with local food.

  • Gardens and green spaces on the hill
  • Gardens and green spaces on campus
  • Garden maps & news

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Get Involved and Connect

EatWell pod members display imperfect lemons at the 2017 HCI Celebration.

From student groups, to alumni, to UCLA initiatives, there are a variety of ways to get involved with food and activism on campus.

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