The Menus of Change University Research Collaborative Annual Meeting Recap

The Menus of Change University Research Collaborative recently held their 7th annual meeting, in which they held a research showcase, discussed advancing racial equity in higher education food systems, and reviewed goals for the year to come.

On this page you’ll find recordings of the two-day summit, courtesy of Eatwell Pod co-leader, Pete Angelis.

Please note the DATASSENTIAL Presentation from Colleen McClellan at the 20:00 mark of Day 2, of special interest to the Eatwell Pod.

McClellan presented the 2021 Plant Forward Opportunity Report, created in partnership with The Culinary Institute of America and MCURC. This year’s report offers a holistic review of consumers to understand how we can forward the plant-based movement in a way that accounts for mood, taste, and our environment. Hear more about generation-based differences in dietary preferences, highlighting students changing opinions, and offers strategies for students, universities, and organizations in shifting towards plant-based consumption in her presentation.

For additional information, read the overview and visit the MCURC website.

The Menus of Change University Research Collaborative offers a platform for conducting interdisciplinary food systems research and sharing strategies for implementing change in higher education food systems.

The collaborative was formed in 2015 by a core group of campus dining representatives and faculty from select institutions, and has grown to a total of 250 members representing more than 60 colleges and universities consisting of academic faculty, dining directors, executive chefs, and senior university administrators. The initiative was founded and is jointly led by Stanford University, one of the world’s leading research institutions, and The Culinary Institute of America.

By leveraging the unique opportunities of the higher education sector, MCURC works with members to advance culinary literacy, promote the use of the Menus of Change Principles of Healthy, Sustainable Menus, and encourages young adults to adopt healthier food and lifestyle choices. Member colleges and universities—from Ivy League to state schools—use campus dining facilities as living laboratories to test strategies for behavior change.