the words "Community Collaborative Cookbook" over an orange background and two small images of the UCLA Farmers' Market and EatWell logo

Community Collaborative Cookbook

Building on Food Day 2019’s Sustainable Recipe Contest, the EatWell and UCLA Farmers’ Market launched the Community Collaborative Cookbook in celebration of Food Day 2020. The goal of the project was to bring us together during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order and to spotlight the stories that accompany food, especially those from historically minoritized communities.

A defining feature of the project was the commitment to minimal screening or editorializing — all recipe submissions (from you!) were included in the final cookbook with minimal editing from EatWell and UCLA Farmer’s Market. This cookbook hopes to uplift voices without introducing judgements about participants’ food cultures, values, or stories, an issue that is prevalent in American food media that often centers affluent and White perspectives.

EatWell and UCLA Farmer’s Market present these 23 submissions from individuals, student organizations, and centers affiliated with UCLA and are honored to publish the virtual cookbook here for public enjoyment.