I Don’t Get Hungry

Every now and then I come across an individual that assures me that they don’t get hungry.  They insist that they just don’t have that ‘issue’, they are beyond it – as if hunger was a weakness.

Well let’s examine this ‘issue’ closer.

Getting hungry is normal and a sign of good health.  It’s an indicator that your body is burning fuel and having regular bowel movements.

In other words, getting hungry is great!  It’s a marker that your body is functioning properly and THE PERFECT time to eat!

So when people claim that they don’t get hungry – or that they ‘forget’ to eat it is usually a clue that they have lost touch with their body’s signals and/or afraid to trust them.  This can become a problem, as people who are out of tune with their bodies are more likely to under eat, overeat, eat emotionally, suffer from poor energy and a lack of well being.

The good news is that tuning in with the body can be relearned!

Here are some tips to help you reconnect with your body:

  • Avoid going over four hours without eating while you are awake.
  • After you eat, calculate the time in 3-4 hours – at that time check in to see if you feel that eating will re-energize you.
  • If the answer is yes – great, eat!  If the answer is no or unsure check back in 20 minutes later.  Note, once you go over 4-5 hours without eating, chances are it’s time to eat (there’s only so long blood sugar levels stay at a healthy level).
  • If you notice that your hunger returns before 3-4 hours that’s ok too.  It may be that your last meal/snack sustained you for a shorter time span.  BTW, good for you for sensing your hunger, welcome back to your body 🙂
  • Take it easy, relearning your body’s signals is like an adventure – let go of expectations and enjoy the journey.

If you need support with this process, I am here to help!!  Contact me for additional support. elahijani@saonet.ucla.edu

Eve Lahijani MS, RD
Nutrition Health Educator
UCLA Bruin Resource Center